Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sharepoint 2010 - The Text property is read-only and cannot be set

In a site, logged in with Admin, edit with Sharepoint Designer.
Copy default master page to create a new one.
Chech out new master page and edit some rows.
Then, save and set as Default Master Page for site.

Open browser, navigate to site and all it's ok! Fine!

Now, I log with another user and.... ERROR!

"The Text property is read-only and cannot be set"

In Sharepoint Log, you find somethings like below:

System.Web.HttpException: The 'Text' property is read-only and cannot be set.    at System.Web.UI.ControlBuilder.AddProperty(String filter, String name, String value, Boolean mainDirectiveMode)     at System.Web.UI.ControlBuilder.PreprocessAttributes(ParsedAttributeCollection attribs)     at System.Web.UI.ControlBuilder.Init(TemplateParser parser, ControlBuilder parentBuilder, Type type, String tagName, String id, IDictionary attribs) ....

Go to Sharepoint Designer and check in your new master page!!
Then, retry with other users, and you'll se it's allrights!

Remember that all you editi in masterpage will see by other users only if you check in masterpage.
In this case, other user cannot enable to view new object (masterpage) and then it get error on page.