Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sharepoint 2010 - Assign Category to your Site Template (without VS)

Set your Site Template in a Category is (maybe) simple with Visual Studio, but not the faster way.
I tried with success by editing some xml in WSP package. Here step by step my solution.

Save your site as template, "My_Site".
Go in Solutions Gallery and download your My_Site.wsp package on desktop.
Rename extension from .wsp to .cab.
Use your tool to extract and create CAB archive, I used SimplyZip.
Extract and open to edit file Elements.xml in folder “My_SiteWebTemplate”.
Add attribute DisplayCategory="My Site Templates" in tag “<WebTemplate>” and save file.
Use your tool to create new file with all files from original cab and modified file.
Note: with SimplyZip use Drag&Drop to set files and folders to add in cab.
Change extension from .cab to .wsp and upload My_Site.wsp on Solutions Gallery.
Now, try to create new Site: in the "Filter By:" section, you see My Site Templates category, and your My_Site site template in.