Monday, January 30, 2012

Google Android - Low resolution in People pics?

My wife has a mobile phone with Android. I have configured the account on Gmail (and consequently, now on all Google services), putting a photo for her profile (in GMail, please note!).
But the little pic that I put, despite having uploaded a high-resolution photo, on my Nexus S is just very low quality.

I came across this "problem" that I discovered not only mine. No concrete solution around, then I started found mine.

Photos of contacts on Android, appear in 96 x 96 pixels.
Which is sufficient for most smartphones with Google's operating system.

But with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4), the application People (former contacts), the problem is a bit more visible. or rather, you see, but just bad ...

Selecting a contact, the picture (if coming from Gmail) appears with a higher resolution, then it is low.

There are different solutions for photos coming for example from Facebook via third party applications, but goes for Facebook.

But today I discovered an interesting thing, however if you get good friends to perform this simple procedure ...

GMail is the "cause" of everything, because it saves the photos uploaded as mail profile in 96 x 96 ...
Here are the steps to follow.

In your GMail settings, remove the photo of your profile.

Go now on Google+ and upload a complete profile with a beautiful high resolution photos.

On the smartphone, sync contacts: you will see two contacts, one without photos (Gmail contact is, probably with the mobile phone number) and one with the picture (is the Google profile +).
Merge the two contacts.

Result: the contact takes the photos in high resolution!

But how to do it for your own pictures of Gmail? Because I removed, then on other services (Latitude, ...) you don't see it.
Go into Gmail and reset the photo to profile: keeping contacts merged, now your smartphone takes photos to high resolution!

Great treak!

The problem is to say to your Gmail friends to do this way....